It’s not difficult to find yourself with a wild collection of stickers, accumulated over the years from bonuses thrown in with your Etsy orders or sheets you bought for just a couple cute designs. Instead of letting them overrun your drawers, or eventually dying under a pile that fell over and smothered you as you navigated a congested hallway, let’s find them a new home (and enjoy a fresh set of stickers in the process)!

You will need to find real life or online friends with a similar sticker problem, which might be easier than you think — a lot of people tend to realize “oh yeah, I have way too many stickers I never used” when you bring up the idea. That’s what happened in an online chat group / Discord I’m in, where a couple members (shout-outs to Caroline and Lan) took it upon themselves to organize a sticker swap between everyone interested.

The organizers for our swap posted an online survey to collect everyone’s mailing address and their sticker type preferences, and then shared that info with everyone who wanted to participate. Now we’re all sending mixed packs of stickers to everyone the list, jamming extra, random pieces along with whatever we could find that fit people’s preferences. You can see a photo my partner Alexis took for the hodgepodge of stickers I’ve already received above.

Check out this spooky, motivational design by Becky Cloonan that I put to use quick to decorate my new planner:

Among other things, I listed “Skeletons” and “Animals Doing Stuff” as my sticker preferences. Everyone has really delivered!

I feel less inclined to hoard the new stickers that have come in, which is great because part of this activity’s goal is to end up with fewer unused stickers, and also because I want to get in the habit of adorning my pages with these colorful friends. It helps that I have started throwing the sheets and stickers from the swap into my planner’s back pocket, so I always have them close.