Finding ways to recycle items you’ve cherished, adding a new facet of joy to those beloved objects, is a vibe I am into, and I encourage you to send me examples from your planner experiences! I immediately latched onto this one from Planner Club member Mike Choi, whose work on the Switch Flip Grip accessory you might be familair with.

Mike clipped photos out of a Korean recipe calendar he used last year, laminated them, and turned them into colorful pencil boards for his Hobonichi Techo. It’s a way more personal and mouthwatering solution than the ones Hobonchi sells — the company says “keeping [pencil boards] underneath the page you’re writing on allows the reinforcement of the thin, comfortable board to provide an enjoyable writing experience.”).

“A good friend gave me the calendar, and I was looking for a use for it ever since the year passed,” Mike explains. “I started using the techo to plan out my meals (I cook a lot of Korean food), so it’s on brand for me lol.”

If you have access to a laminator at work or school, you can create something similar and personal with images you printed or cut from other sources. Or just find something like a calendar with a heavy card stock!