I fuck with Public – Supply for a few reasons:

  • They’re a “for-profit company that channels 25% of profits from every sale to a teacher in a high-need classroom who will use the money for a project that drives creativity”
  • The clean covers with the embossed rectangle and text give it a grown-up composition notebook vibe
  • Their limited edition designs (check the Wythe Hotel cover from Andrew Tarlow) and matching packable tote bags are fire

One of the embossed 5×8″ books sells for $16, allowing you to pick dotted or ruled pages (60# natural cream paper). Public – Supply offers 3.5×5.5″ and 7×10″ versions, as well as non-embossed and velvet cover options, too.

The company also has a Public – Resupply subscription program with 6- or 12-month plans, available for all of the planner sizes.