I began writing and examing planners for Tiny Cartridge six years ago, when Hobonichi launched the English edition of the popular Techo. As taken as I was with the idea of a do-it-all book that could inspire me to put creative ideas on paper, I was even more enamored by the promise of having a week — a life, even — organized out of the scatter-brained muddle that made-up my usual days.

While I struggled to use a paper journal with any consistency in the years since, I continued to talk about them on Twitter and discovered many others who shared this attraction to the potential of planners, as well as a fixation on all things stationery.

Tweets about the mundane disappear quick on the timeline, though, and I wanted a permanent home for these conversations and links. Plus, I was blessed to have a free week during the holidays, and I wanted to learn WordPress to get back in my web design bag. So after my friend Phil came up with this cute domain name, I grabbed some free Unsplash photos and went to work creating a Planner Club for us all.

I put everything together in a hurry to launch by the New Year, and I’m still trying to figure out what Planner Club to be. My hope is to develop it into a community where others can participate and share what they’re excited about with their planners.

Whenever I picture my goals for Planner Club, I remember this message Club Nintendo sent to Japanese members back in the glorious Year of Luigi (source: Kikai’s Blog, via Supper Mario Broth):

That’s the type of energy I’m on, too: Planner Club was founded for all the planner owners to feel more pleasure. So thanks for being joining Planner Club! I’m excited to see what we’ll make out of the site together in 2019!

Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash