It seems impossible to not be charmed by the Hobonichi Techo. I came to it years ago by way of Shigesato Itoi, creator of cult video game series Earthbound/Mother and head of Japanese daily planner company Hobonichi, and that sent me into this obsession with journals.

The appeal comes from its portable size (A6 4.1×5.8″), light but durable paper (Tomoe River), daily quotes mostly translated from Japanese sources, and wealth of cover options. It also helps that Hobonichi’s promotional photos and videos are always on point, showing off the versatility of the planner as a scrapbook, artbook, and journal.

Wirecutter’s reviewers seemed to really like the imported planner too, but it’s hard to recommend it when availability is still limited. Catching a Hobonichi Techo while it’s still in stock at Amazon is hit or miss, and you can also keep checking the official site and JetPens. The planner by itself runs around $37, and there’s a huge selection of covers varying in prices.